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I’m Dave Burke.

I do that thing with the UX and the creative and the content and the data in Washington, DC.

At APCO Worldwide, I help organizations create cross-channel experiences that drive sales, secure reputations, and strengthen brands.

I consult on digital strategy, design, research, content, and operations for companies around the United States, as well as Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Industries I’ve worked in include media, healthcare, technology, finance, and manufacturing.

Prior to joining APCO, I was Director of Online Experience at CEB, a worldwide leader in strategic research and advisory services for Fortune 500 companies.

Before that I was with The Washington Post, where I built the company’s first UX practice, and led a team responsible for creation, enhancement, measurement, and support of Washington Post interactive products and communities.

I’ve been an instructor in Information Architecture and User Experience at Graduate School USA, and I speak on UX and digital at academic and professional conferences (which is a great way to do my other favorite thing.)

I like to travel and take photos.

Unusual, right? Well, they’re here.

The UX Hierarchy of Needs To Be Fixed

The UX Hierarchy of Needs To Be Fixed

This was presented at the 2011 IA Summit. “The UX Hierarchy of Needs To Be Fixed” is composed of a graded set of consequences for UX defects. The idea is that, when facing a backlog of defects in a product nearing launch, you should fix defects in the more severe...

Buzzing and beeping in the IOT age

Buzzing and beeping in the IOT age

As internet-connected devices proliferate, we user experience people need to get more judicious when designing how they call attention to themselves, lest our connected homes become a cacophony of beeps, flashes and buzzes.

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